General Care and Maintenance of Ney

 In the net, you can find some information about maintaining of Ney.

 However, I have to state that this information seems as if maintaining of ney was too difficult, but actually it is not.

  I want to give you a few practical hints and tips on maintaining your ney in a good playable condition.

 You should lubricate your ney once a month regularly. Since ney has an organic structure, it is affected by hot like all wood instruments. For this reason, it is wrong to keep it in a hot or sunny place. This may cause your ney to bend or crack.

 The default tuning frequency of ney is 440 Hz, however in hot places, this may be 444 or even higher.

 Therefore, I suggest that you should keep your ney in its case inside and outside.

  If you do this, you don’t face such problems as bending and molding. As stated in some websites, hanging your ney on the wall is unnecessary and ridiculous, in my opinion.

  As I expressed before, ney must be lubricated once a month regularly, because dry reed has a puffing sound. In other words, the sound level of dry reed is low.

 If you can not blow a clean sound, this demoralizes you, of course.
Another problem you may face is bending of your ney. The best method to prevent this is to keep neys in their special cases. I suggest the cardboard ney-cases that are given free to the customers who buy new Neys.

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  If you do not have a case, you can keep your ney in even a large vase.

 In some websites, a few methods about lubrication of ney are suggested. None of them suggests a ramrod (of a rifle) except ME. What they suggest are as follows:

 - Ney can be lubricated in an oil storage tank (or something)… I do not know you but I do not have enough free space to keep a tank in my home.

  - To draw oil into a pipet (like drinking coke) and release it into Ney

 I am not so skillful and I probably drink oil. Oh no, it is the last thing I want to do!

  - After closing the bottom part of ney, oil is poured into the ney by using a PVC pipe… It is really the best method of all.

  However, I suggest you a ramrod to lubricate ney.

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