Neyzen Zeki Sözen

 Nihavent Saz Semaisi

 Beste Reşat Aysu

 Ney sanatçısı: Zeki Sözen

Arrenged by: Faruk Paker

Recording Studio: SP

Studio recording: Sina Polat

Mixing & Mastering: Sina Polat


I was born on July 10, Istanbul / Üsküdar

 I spent my childhood and youth years in Üsküdar.

 After Üsküdar Paşakapısı Primary School, Haydarpaşa High School and

Anadolu University Faculty of Economics I completed my undergraduate education.


Neyzen Zeki Sözen


With the contributions of Mr. Cemal Kalyoncu,

our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to Mr.

I tried to present a Ney concert.

Thank youso much.


 When I was in the third year of Haydarpaşa High School,

my favorite Guidance Teacher Fatma Oğuz put us through a 120-question test

so that we could make the right choice in the University Selection Exams.

These test questions were prepared by Cambridge University at the time.

The result I got from the exam surprised me.

While there was almost no musician in my family,

even among relatives, our musical talent was 80%. 10% was foreign language and others.


  IDF World Dairy Summit Milk for Life

  23-26 Kasım 2019


 I was now realizing that music wasn't easy, and that it got harder the more you got into it.

That's why I wanted to study music and Emin Ongan

I attended the Emin Ongan Üsküdar Musıki Cemiyeti exams.

I passed a very successful exams.

In 1988, I passed the exams and started my first music education.

 Emin Ongan, Vahit Anadolu, rhythm artist of Istanbul Radio at Üsküdar Music Society,

Composer teacher Âmir Ateş, theory teacher esteemed Varujyan Zilciyan,

composer teacher Mr. Fethi Karamahmutoğlu, composer teacher late Nihat Adlim,

onductor and composer the late Şeref Çakar and our theoretical teacher Mr. Metin Özçamlı

are one of my teachers.

k lessons in Turkish music theory, Turkish music methods, solfege, repertoire and literature.

I express my endless gratitude to them.


 İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar Uluslararası Kongre ve Sergi Sarayı after Concert :

  Zeki Sözen


 Concert we gave in memory of Ms. Emel Sayın's 45th Art Year:



 I met my Ney teacher  Neyzen Ömer Erdoğdular centleman in 1989.

I took Ney lessons from them on Fridays every week for about 5 years.

Neyzen hocama bana bu sazı tanıttığı için sonsuz teşekkürler ediyorum.

Thank you.


 I was now known as Neyzen Zeki Sözen in Emin Ongan Üsküdar Music Society.

I was personally participating in the concerts and radio recordings of our society,

my teachers were making me do taksims.

I attended more than two hundred concerts

By the way, my time in the Society had been 5 years.



  Sâlat-ı Ümmiye

 Neyzen : Zeki Sözen


 In 1992, I worked as a guest Ney Artist in Istanbul University Executive Committee for 2 years.

I knew that I had caught up with the orchestra under the supervision of our late teacher Rıza Rit.


 I worked as a Ney Instructor at Sabancı University in 2005 and 2006..


 In 1991, I passed the Ministry of Culture State Historical Turkish Music Ensemble exams.

 My duty is to perform both Mehter Music and Classical Turkish Music

and I continue both in the country and abroad as a solo performer.

As an ensemble, we have given 3000 concerts so far.


 Introducing Ney Instrument in SKYTURK Colors Program with Ayhan Sicimoğlu:


To summarize just a few of these concerts:

 Istanbul Lirik Tarih shows


 Okay Temiz ile (Mehter - Caz) concerts

 Tuluyhan Uğurlu'nun "Senfoni Türk"concerts

 Erkan Mutlu Aşk Ateşi concerts

 Emel Sayın Ritüel concerts

 Ahmet Özhan Lirik Tarih Gösterisi concerts



 South Africa (Durban) 3rd International Bosphorus Festival Concert Empire of Tolerance

  Egypt Cairo Turkish Days Festival

 Tunis Festival de la Medina (Medina festival) 2003



 Abudabi, Türk İş adamları concerts.

 Bahreyn, Manama concerts

  Azerbaycan, Bakü'de Türk Medeniyetleri concerts

 Çin, Pekin ve Şangay'da Türk Müziği concerts

 Filistin, Mehter concerts

 South Korea (2) Expo Concerts and Country Introduction

  Gürcistan, Tiflis Mehter concerts

 Japonya, Tokyo (6), Osaka (2) Türk Kültürü Etkinlikleri concerts

 Japan " Turkish Village and Tokyo Mosque openingı"


  Mehter Music Concerts in Astana, Kazakhstani

 Concerts in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

  Russia, St. Petersburg, Moscow Red Army and Janissary Concerts

  Syria, Damascus Turkish Culture Activities

 Turkmenistan, Ashgabat Mehter Music Concerts

 Oman, Mehter Music Concerts

 Mehter Music Concerts in Amman, Jordan



 Sidney'de Mehter concerts (2023 )



  Germany (Berlin, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Koln )

Germany, Munich Sprachen

Des Köpers (The language of bodies-Dance festival) Mehter Music Concerts in Tirana,

Albania Austria,

Vienna and Bratislava " Alla Turca" Mehterden-Mozart B

ulgaria, Sofia Mehter Music Concerts J

anissary Music Concerts in Copenhagen,

Denmark Country promotional concerts in Tallin,

Estonia France concerts Mehter Music Concerts in Zagreb,

Croatia Netherlands Turkey Festival 2001

Netherlands Amsderdam One-man performance Ney Concert 2015

England (2) London Turkish Festival Concerts


 İspanya, Centro International De Enstudios" Uluslararası Mistizm Festivali Konserleri





 Portekiz EXPO 98 Konserleri

 Romanya, Bükreş'de Konserler



  31 Mart - 2 Haziran 2014 Londra'da Türk Günleri


 Uşşak makamında Ney taksimi




  Los Angeles




 Atlanta Mehter concerts


  6 - 10 December 2014 600th anniversary of Turkey-Poland relations


 Expo 2015 opening concert in Milan, 1-7 May:



  26-30 October 2015 Qatar Turkish Culture Days:




  17 November 2015 HERITAGE CONCERT OF THE THOUSAND YEARS with Istanbul State Turkish Music Research and Application Ensemble:


  Dünya İnsani Zirvesi 23-24 Mayıs 2016 tarihlerinde İstanbul'da gerçekleştirildi.

Welcoming Ambassadors and Prime Ministers with

Istanbul Historical Turkish Music Ensemble Mehter group at Dolmabahçe Palace:



 Culture Minister Nabi Avci,


He attended the opening program of the 2016-2017

Art Season of the General Directorate of Fine Arts and made a speech.



Traditional Excursion (Holiday) at Topkapı Palace on Wednesday, 13 July 2017


4. Islamic Solidarity Games Baku (Azerbaijan 12-22 May 2017)



9-10-11- September 2017


 60th anniversary events of Turkey-South Korea relations.

  20 - 25 Ekim - November 2017


Azerbaijan Turkish Culture events 1 - 8 November 2017


Tatarstan, Kazan Turkish Culture events 20 -28 November 2017


Turkmenistan Ashgabat events 2- 10 December 2017


Time of Jerusalem stage show Haliç Congress Center 25-26 December 2017

The meaningful show was staged by members of the Jerusalem Platform, State Theaters General Artistic Director Nejat Birecik and Director Ebru Kara.


18 May Ney concert held in Sabiha Gökçen


25 May


1 June ;


1 June

Neyzen Tayyip Zeki Sözen's performance for our international passengers attracted great attention from our guests.


Turkish Festival in Moscow took place between 9-11 August 2019.



  2019 Iftar dinners and Ney concerts in different parts of our Istanbul;


  IDF World Dairy Summit Milk for Life

  23-26 September 2020



Beyazi Saz Semaisi

Beste: Necmettin Hakkı İzmirli

Thousands of people attended the "Turkish Day Parade", which was held for the 39th time this year

in New York City, USA.

It was first held in 1981 and became traditional in later years.

This year's theme of the Turkish Day Parade has been determined as

"To the Centenary with the Moon and Star"

The Mayor of New York also joined the march.

In this context, a mehter performance by the

Ministry of Culture and Tourism Istanbul Historical Turkish Music Ensemble,

With the folk dance show by Selçuk University with the contribution of Konya Metropolitan Municipality.

İzmir Dance Art Folk Dance show will be held and various concerts have been given.

I am married and have two children.


© Neyzen Zeki Sözen