General Care and Maintenance of Ney





General Care and Maintenance of Ney

 In the net, you can find some information about maintaining of Ney.

 However, I have to state that this information seems as if maintaining of ney was too difficult, but actually it is not.

  I want to give you a few practical hints and tips on maintaining your ney in a good playable condition.


General Information about Ney Care

  First of all, we strongly recommend cleaning the Air Compressor from time to time in order to keep it clean for us.

  This time interval should be once every 6 months.

  What we need to be is to be immaculate for the resonance that is formed from blowing to be much clearer and faster.

  This cleansing will also amplify the voice from our Names.

  The Air Compressor is a good tool for our work.

  In the picture below you will see a sample air compressor.


  Our cuppings, so that you will not be harmed, to fall or crack,

  Suggest your sticker.

  The basic aim of cleaning us with an air compressor;

  From the crooks that are formed within us, from the food wastes that can come out of our mouths,

 What is to be saved is dust, which can enter into it.

  With the Air Compressor, a cleaning operation of only 1 minute will suffice.


  Let's blow ours with our clean mouth.

  The full explanation of this clemen is that we must blow our teeth after brushing our teeth.

 Ney blown in the mouth of various food remnants, particles over time fill Neyin unnecessarily,

  Causing a bad smell and making black deposits over time.

  I care about this step in the name of being clean for us.

  As the third;

  We shall never wash our faqs with water and never clean them.

  What to clean with water is to refute what is in the long run.

  Besides, What is the biggest cause of the mold that may be in the Neyin is the water.

  Do not use water to corrode us in the long run and prevent mold.


 Do not keep us in hot places, near stoves, in hot places around the central heating system or outside.

  Ney is an instrument that is influenced by the warm environment as it is in all wood instruments because it has an organic structure.

  Ney bends in a hot environment when not regularly lubricated as strung as a tuning.

  We must protect ourselves from the heat.

  It is the simplest way of protecting this in our house.

  If you put your bag in Ney after you've blown Ney, you can mold it.

 In this case, we must leave Ney open for our bag to air.

  For example; As you can see in the picture below, it is enough to protect our neighbors like this:


  It is also possible to use the skateboard bag as a Ney bag:


  As a result, we can easily keep your Ney bag open at home.


  Neyzen : Zeki S�zen

  Ney Instrument Maintenance Video description:



Protection of the Ney

  We must protect what we have in our house when we are at home.

  To protect ourselves from falling, tilting, cracking, we must protect our Ney with the containers named

Ney or case.

 Some sites and forums talk about what will happen if Neyin is kept at home with a bag.

  However, there is no mold in what is regularly lubricated and not in contact with water.

  But we do not blow us Neylmeye so neylinda Ney put my bag and cut the air contact with the mold makes.

  The basic reason for the mold infestation in us:

  Contact with water,

  Do not lubricate us regularly

  What we are is to put our blown bags and cut off the air.

  It is a good choice to keep with a Ney case.


      Neyzen, who has only one thing, recommend cardboard Ney bags for my friends as well.

      In the picture below you will see the Ney Bag which can take 1 piece of Ney into leather case.


  In the picture below you will see a different Ney Bag that can take more than one Ney.


  Ney is a saz that tends to erect as a tuning, usually in summer or in hot environments.

  For example: By sending us with other instruments Girls of ours must be at the frequency of 440 Hz.

  Let's say we have what we have in this tuning, but in warmer environments it can be 442-443-444 or a more upright frequency with the effect of heat. So Ney is shrunk.

  So, if we keep our Ney in the house at home, we have prevented the extreme institution.

  Finally, in the summer months or in extreme hot environments, we must further lubricate us.

  In extreme temperatures, we regularly lubricate the mold every 3-4 weeks or we do not experience problems such as bending and shrinkage.


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  Protecting the Ney Instrument Video description:



Lubrication of the Ney

 Which oils should be used?

  They were oiled with sesame seeds or almond oil until they were close to turning.

  However, since these oils are a little thicker, they can make deposits in Neyin over time.

  Because of this, we have recently been lubricating the Nut with oil or canola oil.

  According to me, the hazelnut oil is a bit thin and dries in less than 1 month.

  Apart from hazelnut oil, olive oil is also suitable for lubrication,

it is very costly when used alone and it is also thin.

 As a result, we can mix a bit heavier oil or oils with hazelnut oil.

  For example, 3/4 of hazelnut oil with 1/4 almond oil or

  We can mix sesame oil 1/4 with hazelnut oil in 3/4 ratio.

  Likewise, we can mix olive oil 1/4 with hazelnut oil in 3/4 ratio.

  We recommend only Canola oil without mixing.

  Do not use sunflower oil !!!

  The outer part of what is sticky and creates sediment inside.

  I have been licking neyler lately by mixing nuts and olive oil.


 or may be only canola oil:

  1153/5000 We must regularly lubricate what we do once a month.

 I want to tell you about the scheme:

  Select a date within a month and try to lubricate it at that time.

  For example, every month is 1 or 15, or the second week of every month ...

  This is what we mean by the expression of lubricating us regularly.

  More fossil comes out of dry cow.

  The dryness in the stomach slows down the influence of the

vibrational movements of successive vibrations in what we blow

  and reduce the volume level.

  So we make less noise and this affects us negatively,

we break the moriman, why we can not make noise.

  So it is important that our oil is lubricated once a month.

  What are the lubrication options?

  Let's start with the following main options for lubrication:

  Lubricating what is deposited in a tank full of oil;

  Covering the curtains with folies, Leaking oil into what;

  Lubrication process using PVC WASTE WATER PIPE.

  This is the method I'm proposing.

  First of all, it must be 50 mm or 5 cm in diameter from the wall or wall materials.

  We buy a PVC WASTE WATER PIPE 85 cm high.


 Then we buy a corkscrew and fix the corkscrew to the PVC pipe:


 Need some more cover too:

  We will use the top lid to close the PVC lid after lubrication.

  We must remove our headpost from our Nest, and oil our headpost in a box or anywhere:

  It will suffice to leave our capstone in the oil for as long as we lubricate.

  There are many examples to leave our cappuccino in oil.

  For example;

  Single cylinder box from 1 spice set:


  or Spoon case :


  Some more example:


 Ya da Any box you have at home is suitable to lubricate our head.

 Like these:

  Yes, now we fill the PVC shim with oil and leave a top of 2-3 cm.

  When we immerse ourselves in the lubricating oil to lubricate us, the oil will grow a bit.

  That's why we left a couple of centimeters so you can overflow.

  I think a 30-minute wait is enough and I keep it waiting.

  Then we will take out our Nes and wait for the oil to leak.

  After a few hours of searching, we will wipe with a piece of absorbent cloth.

  We finally have completed the lubrication process.

  This process is not such a difficult task.

How do we lubricate the Ney instrument?



Is it affected by the acoustics when we lubricate us?

  If we lubricate the ney instrument, its tuning will be upright.


Ba�pares protection:

  Recently, MANDA BODY, which is the main ingredient used for making the toppings, is not found much.

  Therefore, Basepair prices have increased accordingly.

  As a result, we must protect our principals or our headship as we protect ourselves.

  The first method of priming protection is wrapping with balloon nylon.

  We will do it by wrapping our head cap with balloon nylon and sticking it with adhesive tape.

  In the picture below you will see an example of a balloon nylon:


  The second alternative with regard to the protection of the headpain is:

  We can buy the building materials from the store.

  You can find these tiny boxes in the kitchenware section.

  It is a box that is normally used to give a nice fragrance by putting flower spots or spices in it.

  The price is affordable, sold in sets of three and six.



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  How do we protect our ba�pare?


  Click for more information on Baspare.


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