Ney and Neyzen





Ney and Neyzen

  Ney means the reed in Persian.


  Ney, known as Ney, Nay, Flute, Reed, Naiu, Nayat, Turkish Flute, is derived from the Persian words Nay and Na.

  In the picture below you will see the seedlings of Ney as a seedlings:


What is Nay

  What is meant by musical meaning is six times at certain intervals, one at the back seven holes were made from the Karg� Battalion (Arundo Donax), the head of the head,

  it is the name of the breathing instrument which is attached to the hard objects called parazvane so that the upper and lower parts are also damaged.

  In the picture below you will see Arduro Donax, which may be Ney:


Applications of arundo donax:

  Ney is made of reed straw we know.

  But these reeds should be the Arundo Donax.

  Aruno Donax is also used as a raw material source for herbal knitting and weaving as well as making ney.

  In addition, due to its chemical content and fiber properties it is potentially a raw material suitable for the production of composite sheets with the cellulose and paper industry.

  It has proven to be a lignocellulosic material that is suitable for the treatment of rayon, paper, paper clay, chipboard and bioenergy, which is traditionally used for treatment.

Arundo Donax Growing Areas:

  It is accepted that Karg� Kam�� is a natural species of the Mediterranean countries.

  Due to the availability of some of its uses, it is grown or bred in semi-tropical and temperate regions such as India, Burma, China, North and South America, Australia, North and South Africa, Nile River, Middle East, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean.

  This plant, which has been used for various purposes for thousands of years, contributes to the productivity of its rapid and easy growth. On the other hand, in our country, it is observed that Karg� reed is spread naturally in Aegean, Mediterranean, Marmara and Northeast Anatolia regions.

  Nowadays Hatay, Samanda� is the most likely to be around Ney. Even today, Ney producers generally supply cane from this area.

  Samanda� is home to two species of sea turtles known as Caretta Caretta and Chelonia Mydas (Green Turtle), which are about to disappear on the globe.


  In the name of protection of nature for now Samanda�'da Neylik straw cut is not allowed for.

  I regret recently that the Neylik reeds, which should be cut in November and December, are cutting earlier.

  Even in August we saw Neylik reed cutters.

  In response to complaints from us and other Ney producers, cutting Neylik reed at an earlier date than November is again banned in Samanda�.



  In addition, there are canyons that can be Ney in Afyon, K�tahya, Adana, Artvin, Aydin, Nazilli, Balikesir, Bursa, Kocaeli, Manisa, Mu�la, Tekirda� and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Girne).


Chemical properties of Ney's instrument:

 The table below gives information on the chemical properties of what:


Yo�unluk (kg/m3)

L.K (mm)/ T.S.
ED (Mpa)
EM (Mpa)
KA (%)
Karg� Kam�� (NEY)
7.25- 10.60/ 1




  Arduino Donax, the nectarine, is a subfamily of the Arundinoideae family of the Gramineae family.

  It is seen as a source of lignocellulosic material because it grows globally and under different growth conditions.

  Neylik reed grows with wetlands, even in low-lying soils such as damp, pebbly, sandy, heavy clay or even salty soils.

  It is also known to be tolerant of severe drought conditions thanks to its high water storage capacity and root systems that provide protection from soil erosion.

  Ney is a species that grows out of the nose and the internodes, and is an asexual breeding species that has a wide field spread in the world. The internodes are empty, and every leaf comes to a square. Leaves are 30-100 cm long and 2-7 cm wide. Ribs with perforated body are 1- 4 cm in diameter.

  The diameter, which is ideal for the ney, is between 21 and 28 mm, depending mainly on its length.


  Ney, together with being a herbaceous plant, forms its chemical structure similar to wood raw, cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and extractives.

  As a monosaccharide, which is produced by prolysis of carcass, acid, ketone, furan, bezen, sugar, methoxyphenol, dimethoxyphenol and multifunctional compounds are present in the biofilm; 62.30% glucose, 33.88% xylose, 2% arabinose, 0.84% galactose, 0.65% 4-0 methyl glucuronic acid, 0.35% mannose, 0.15% rhamnose.

Arundo Donax, Ney's instrument is:

  The use of Arundo Donax, which is thought to be based on about 5,000 years ago, has been a major contributor to the development of music culture.

  It is assumed that the beginning date is based on 3000 ls BC.

  You can see more detailed information about Ney history in the Ney History section.

  Ney's instrument is also believed to be a religious instrument and an important instrument of Reed's theology.

  Ney, as you know, is an indispensable instrument of Sufi music in Islamic culture.

 Every Scorpion or Arundo Donax, Ney instrument?

  Good elasticity and moisture resistance properties are the first reason for preferring Arundo donax in the production of wind instruments. However, in order for these reeds to become Ney, they must have 9 nodes and frequent spacing.

  In other words, a reed that can be a Ney must first be the Arundo Donax.

  The second should be nine knots.

  Finally, the intervals must be frequent.


  Arundo donax is different from other reeds in that it is short, frequent, and the knuckles are close to each other.


  Arundo Donax and leaves.


  Arundo Donax is rarely able to reach the marsh or the lake side:


  What is Neyzen ?

  Neyzen is the name given to the person who plays the Ney instrument, ie the person who blows what.

 The Neyzen phrase came from the word "zeden" meaning Persian, which means that it was practiced, and became "Neyzeden" by combining with Ney name.

  Over the years, the word has been rounded and taken as the Neyzen word today.

  Neyzen is used with expressions such as Neyzen Niyazi Say�n or Neyzen Aka G�nd�z Kutbay.

  In the Ottoman period, before using Ney kelimes, Arabic word Nay was used. The person who blows nay was called Nayi.

  Nayi was used with expressions such as Nayi Osman Dede, Nayi Zekai Dede.

  Ney and Ba�pare:


What does Neyzenba�� mean?

 Neyzenba��, Mevlevi in the places where Mevlevi can be done or Mevlevi rituels.

  Neyzene who served as the first Neyzen is the given name.

  Neyzenba�� means a kind of head neyzen.

  Of course Neyzenba� should be the best, the most senior or the most masterful Neyzen.

  Neyzenba�� is located on the far right side of the Ses and Saz community (Mutrip) in the Mevlevi rituals.

  Previously, Ser Neyzen or Ser-Nayi expressions were also used for the Neyzenba�� phrase.

  Ney, who was stolen, was performed standing in the Mevlevi rites.

  In the picture below you will see a sample of a small committee:

  Neyzenba�� is on our right side Neyzendir.


The oldest known Ney in the world is:

 The oldest known Neyler is exhibited today in Philadelphia (United States) at the Penn Museum of Archeology.


  This Ney is called "Reed with seven holes" in the museum and is exhibited in the Egyptian instruments section.


  If you also visit the Ney History section of our Web site, you can see the Neys, originally located at Penn Museum and known as the oldest Ney.

Ney ve Mesnevi

  Undoubtedly, Mevl�n� Celaleddin-i Rumi's prominence has been great in the development and spread of the ney.

  The name of Rumi (Diyar-i R�m) has been added since it was settled in Anatolia.

  Mevl�n� Celaleddin-i Rumi likes Ney's instrument in the Kit�b-� Mesnevis, the greatest work of art, to Kamil.

  Another name of this work which contains more than twenty-five couplets is H�sami-N�me dir.

  Mesnevi is known as H�samiddin �elebi 's request for H�samid - Nama name because it is written on the request.


Some examples from masnav :

  Listen to how you are complaining about the following; His New Year is the story of separation

  The moment I'm snatched from a cane, the woman is a wailing cleric.

  My heart is desperately chopped by the heart, wondering if it is so.

  This is the voice of Ney, not the air; Who knows if this fire does not exist, it's dead.

  Ney is the friend of the one who is separated.

  Source: Mesnevi �erhi (Tahir'�l Mevlevi 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 and 10th volumes.)



� Neyzen Zeki S�zen